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Wet-mix refractory spraying machine

Wet-mix refractory spraying machine is to use compressed air to convey the pre-dampened mix through a delivery hose to the nozzle to project the material onto the sprayed surface under high velocity, and then to form concrete support later after the projected material coagulates and hardens. With simple technology, special effect, economic cost, flexibility, and high construction efficiency, shotcrete technology has widely been applied in construction, railway and super highway engineering, underground engineering, tunneling, mining operations, hydropower projects, and slope stabilization, etc. As well as industrial furnaces and the heat-resistant layer of spraying work.
Wet-mix refractory spraying machine
Wet-mix refractory spraying machine features:
1. Wet-mix refractory spraying machine with a stirring, transport, and spray function.
2. Good quality concreting, construction speed, and labor-saving.
3. Gunning of metallurgical and industrial furnaces, widely used in steel mills, etc.
4. Wet-mix refractory spraying machine as styling products, good quality, durable and consumable rotating plate, seal plate, and other gun accessories stocking sufficient.
We fully strive to share norms and values:
1. Safety and Stringent quality control;
2. Maneuverability and Operator comfort;
3. Reliability;
4. Technical sophistication & after-sales full support.
Wet-mix refractory spraying machine

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