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  BMP50/40 Single-Piston Mortar Pump

·Single piston with single-acting.
·Ball valve
·Mechanical transmission
·Integrate pump head and and hopper;prevent
  eduction and deposition together with the paddle agitating
BPM50/40 Technical Data
Item BMP50/40
Rated Output 50L/min
Rated Pressure 4MPa(40bar/580PSI)
Cylinder Dia. 90mm
Piston Stroke 85mm
Stroke/Minute 95/min
Inlet diameter 75mm
Outlet diameter 50mm
Max.Aggregate size 5mm
Water cement ratio 1/3
Power unit 5.5KW(Electric),10hp(Diesel)
Chassis Skid or Tyre
Weight 300kg
Overall Dimensions 1610x1024x900(mm)


Shotcrete Machine
Grouting Pump
Mortar Pump
Heavy-Duty Hose Pump






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