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  BGH70&BGH90 High-Pressure Grouting Pump
BMC Hydraulic drive grouting pump are a universal high-pressure grouting pump and is used for grouting in soil, earth foundation stabilization, waterproofing, tunnel lining, underwater foundations, bridge decks, deep well casing, slope line grouting, etc.

·Single piston with double-acting.
·Hydraulic drive
·Compact structure
·Ball valve
BGH70 & BGH90 Technical Data
Item BGH70 BGH90
Rated Output 0-70 L/Min 0-100 L/Min
Rated Pressure 10MPa(1450PSI) 10MPa(1450PSI)
Cylinder Dia. 110mm 110mm
Stroke/Minute 31 45
Inlet Dia. 38mm 38mm
Outlet Dia. 32mm 32mm
Power Unit 7.5kW 11kW
Transmission Hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive
Chassis Skid Skid
Weight 450Kg 580Kg
Overall Dimension 1505x770x1110mm 1505x770x1110mm
Note: Single or Double Passageway are optional;  Chassis: Skid or Tyre
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BGH70 High-Pressure Pump
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